Change the way fans connect to celebrities through NFT collectibles


Lower the entry barrier to the Web 3.0 world and the metaverse economy.


To be an NFT platform that changes the way fans connect to celebrities, revolutionise how fans access like-minded community experiences by collecting NFTs, all without requiring a deep knowledge of blockchain technology.

Zoop's Value Proposition

Zoop is a mobile app that allows fans to collect digital trading cards from their favourite influencers and celebrities in the form of NFTs, thus creating a closer connection between Fan and Influencer. Fans can buy, sell, and trade cards and compete in competitions and challenges to gain more points, rank up and unlock more cards. 1- No crypto knowledge needed
Allows users to enter the growing NFT space using real-world currency (USD) without extensive crypto knowledge.
2- True index of influencers
Zoop will create the only actual index of celebrity value, allowing anyone to compare Influencers across different categories.
3- Real connection between Influencers and fans
Influencer NFTs grant access to a tight community and potential future benefits.
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